My Ted Like Talk

At the end of the year in language arts, we did a project where we presented a five minute talk about a topic that we enjoyed, sort of like a Ted talk, but not quite. So the topic I chose was Unity, which is a game engine that I have dabbled in and I find fun to use. I put off this talk for a long time and only worked on it in short bursts. When other classmates started presenting, I realized that I would need to make my talk interesting so I could stand out. So I decided to not use speaker notes or a script in my talk, and just seem like I am extremely confident. When I spoke like I actually had an interest in the topic, it made others think that this topic could be interesting. I also had another idea to make this Ted like talk stand out, I would draw all my images so they would seem almost personal which made the talk more interesting. Finally, the day before I was going to present, I was sick. Which was unfortunate and I thought I would have to delay my ted talk but I was able to come to school the next day and deliver the best ted like talk ever created, at least in my opinion. So that is the story of how I made my Ted like talk, thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to comment.

The Stock Market

So this year our class read this book called The Westing Game. So there was this one character named Turtle and she really liked investing in the stock market, so naturally we did a project about the stock market. We were using 20,000 dollars of fake money and we were allowed to invest in up to six companies, we also used the real stock prices. So to keep track of our gains and losses we created these spreadsheets that could do that, so we set up some formulas to do the calculations of our gains and losses and all we had to was enter the current stock price. So at the end of this project we checked our stocks.I did terribly because of my poor choice of investment in The Boeing Company because their stock decided to plummet after I invested. I additionally invested in The Walt Disney Company, Apple Inc, and Starbucks Corporation which all were okay. At the end of this project, I was down $850.46 mostly due to the Boeing company doing terribly. So in the end, I learned that winning the stock market is hard because of how sporadic it is and that your investments sometimes do terribly and sometimes do pretty good.

6th Grade LA: The Journey

Image Above: Homemade books

Welcome to one of my final blog posts, in this I will be talking about some of the major events during my 6th grade Language Arts class. Well I’ll start out with this book we started reading earlier in the year, a book called The Last Cuentista. This book takes place in a dystopian future where the earth is about to explode and a few people are chosen to go to a new planet, this will take a while so the passengers are placed in stasis and are watched by monitors. About 350 years later, our main character, a would be story teller, wakes up and finds that the monitors became conformists and killed all the passengers except for some kids who get numbers for names. Our main character does not like this so she tries to leave. The main theme of this story is about what a world would be like without story. This also gives an idea of what a world be like if culture didn’t exist and nobody has any identity. This is a very dystopian idea and it shows how everybody is sad if they don’t have and personality or any way to express themselves.

So next up in the year was a fun challenge that was sort of derived from The Last Cuentista where we got to design our own ideal world. I have the feeling many of my classmates probably didn’t want to make a world ideal for themselves, they just made a fun world concept. I did that as well, I created a very fantastical world of a bunch of floating sky islands based off of different landscapes, I was also simultaneously sort of designing a game, you would sort of see this if you were to read the text I wrote about it on another blog post. This was very fun and led to the next major event.

Our final major event mentioned in this post is the making of our own books in a very collage sort of way. We were making the books based off of our ideal world projects where we made a collage that represented our ideal world. I made a collage of a city called castle town mentioned in my full ideal world blog post. Later we also added the ideal world text into the books.

So that was some of the events that occurred during my 6th grade Language Arts class, they were all very fun experiences that taught me many new things about storytelling and creativity. See you next time on Cabel’s Time On Earth.


Heat Shield Project

Taken by me. Heat shield without the spackling.

A while ago in my science class, we did a unit on heat and learned about conduction and convection and all that stuff. At the end we did a very interesting project where we had an egg and we had to protect it from being cooked by a blow torch. We would have to use the properties of certain materials to combine and shield the egg from being cooked alive. Before this, we would have to construct our heat shield and run tests with different material combinations using a heat gun. With my team of two other people, we ran our first test.

We decided to test a small steel plate with some spackling on it. We used the heat gun on the side with no spackling and at the end, the side that was not against the heat was hotter then the hot side. We then tried this with aluminum foil to reflect some heat and put the spackling on the hot side. This worked very well. We decided to add more insulation and ran tests for felt and sponges. We ended up with the sponge as our final design. The shield was aluminum foil, then sponge, and finally spackling on the sponge.

On the day of testing there was this one team who made their shield entirely out of aluminum foil which has a melting point well below the blowtorches heat. When we tested ours, the egg was charred and had 3 millimeters of cooking on the inside which was pretty good for the class. Nobody’s egg was uncooked in the end which was disappointing but the overall experience was very fun.

My Ideal World

The City In the Sky was recently discovered in the Andromeda Galaxy and named a planet. It is not one mass though, there is a giant glowing sphere in the center and many clusters of islands mimicking regions of earth rotate around the sphere. These include diverse regions such as a jungle, river lands, and even a volcano. A species that I will talk about later already lives on this planet and have advanced civilizations, each different island region has their own kingdom and constantly are at war. They have an interesting currency which we will touch on later. In addition they have constructed some islands into a power generator that all kingdoms use, they power all the homes which all are large futuristic towers that are built vertically, it also powers mysterious trinkets that turn into any type of media the user wants to consume like a video game, tv, show or song. The food also is like this and is perfectly healthy and changes the texture, color, and taste. They have also built a complex system of sky trains that they call the “Skyways.”

The atmosphere around the islands is similar to ours consisting of oxygen and the same sorta greenhouse effect only controlled. The sphere at the center is the main gravity well, so all the islands are perfectly angled at it. Somehow all the islands are floating even though the gravity keeps them in the atmosphere, perhaps once all the islands were connected at the center of the planet. We did a scan of the islands and discovered that one of the two species of intelligent life on the planet is called the loocoa and they are the ones who built everything. The other species that lives here is in a region we will touch on later. In our scan we also discovered that there are no moons, only the islands. The Loocoa appear to have the body of a chicken without any feathers and the head of a human but the animal group they belong to is indistinguishable. At least the regular ones are, because the Loocoa adapt depending on the region they are in. For example, the ones in the mountains have feathers and beaks. The river land Loocoa have scales and fins.


All islands used to be united under the king of modern day castle town islands. One day an insane shadow mage blew all the islands apart and created the core, which erased everyone’s memories of the kingdom in the past and they formed separate kingdoms. In the different areas, the Loocoa adapted, for example the ones in the mountain grew feathers and became more bird-like. The different kingdoms had different kings, each being the god of each area. Each god also carries a medallion that grants the holder that Loocoas abilities

As I mentioned before their money is complicated, all the kingdoms have a currency called Looccoin that changes like real crypto currency. But, the currency is worth more the more of it you have and it is really confusing. Now, I will go into extreme detail on each region. The vendors in different areas don’t just use Looccoin, sometimes they trade for other special materials.

The Grumblupop Plains

The plains is a large area where Loocoa form different tribes but are still united under their king and god, a larger Loocoa that wields two bow and arrows at once somehow. The Loocoa in the plains are naturally green colored to hide in the grass because of this. Not many plants grow in the plains so many tribes make bows and hunt down other tribes. Some tribes are peaceful vegetarians that grow their own food. Most tribes don’t stay in one place for too long and travel on their rocket carriers that carry their portable homes. One tribe, the Loocoaarians have settled down and have started to become a village with a shop and everything. Their king can wield two bows and arrows at once somehow and can run really fast. This king’s medallion grants the user the ability to dash in the air.

The Pinesnaplius Forest

The forest is an area that’s islands are close to the plains and do similar things, they also have tribes but unlike the plains, they don’t eat each other because they have more food like mushrooms to eat. The Loocoa in the forest are also green, when the islands were connected at the core, the Loocoa from the plains migrated to the forest and are still green after the regions were separated. Their homes are built into the ground and come out in the bottoms of the islands and it looks really cool. Their king lives in a clearing in the forest and is very peaceful, their medallion does not do much, it grants the user the ability to access the skyways for some reason.

The Shorpledorp Riverlands

The Loocoa here have fins and flippers allowing them to swim through the rivers quickly but they can still walk on land. There are other Loocoa that live there which are much smaller, they are simply a human head on a fish body. The finned Loocoa hunt the fish Loocoa and eat them. The fish Loocoa do not have any civilization, they exist to be eaten by the finned Loocoa. The finned Loocoa have built paths through the rivers with jets in them so they can swim extremely quickly to their destination. These are called water tunnels by the Loocoa. There are many waterfalls that come off of the islands and there are islands below them that catch the waterfalls.

Their king is massive and lives in a lake on the islands, this lake is dangerous though because there are extremely ferocious fish Loocoa who like eating flesh, their king is the only being that prevents them from leaving the lake and harming the other Loocoa. Their king’s medallion grants the user the ability to swim underwater.

Mount Loocoataro

In a more distant area of islands, there is a massive volcano with reddish earth all around it with lava flowing everywhere. The Loocoa here have hard shells to protect from falling rocks that fly out of the volcano, these Loocoa are also bigger and stronger. Rivers of lava flow through the lands of the volcano, so the Loocoa make larger draw bridges entirely made out of metal. These Loocoa don’t obey social standards and did not build towers, they instead built huts that are built extremely horizontally because they just need to be rebellious. They have one main settlement called Blorpville named after the sound the volcano makes, there are rebels who have a hideout outside Blorpville that nobody can find. These rebels come into Blorpville every week and kidnap a child. These rebels were rebels because they did want to conform to social standards and they built hidden underground towers.

They primarily mine and did build a system of mine carts that were abandoned because they were a safety hazard, they sealed off the entrance to the mines with these mine carts but there is a legend that there are hidden riches. Many have tried to enter but they all lost their lives for some unexplained reason. They have their own train system that goes over the lava, this was also abandoned but it still works. There is no food there so they take the Skyways to other areas with more vegetation to plunder those lands. Their king lives in a tunnel that can only be accessed by entering the mouth of the volcano. The king has a large shell and wears a mask and armor made out of rocks, they are rumored to be the being who causes the eruptions of the volcano. Their king’s medallion grants the user the ability to withstand the highest of temperatures and the ability to swim in lava.

The Bumbledump Jungle

The Bumbledump Jungle is home to many types of Loocoa like small Loocoas that resemble dragonflies and Loocoas that are frogs. The dominant Loocoa are regular Loocoa size and have small wings that allow them to jump twice in the air that allow them to jump between the treetops. There towers are built into very thick trees that are also very tall that seem like the redwoods of Earth. Their main settlement is called Bumbledumpville. The trees in this jungle bear fruit that are like bananas only they are blue and on the inside there is frozen hot sauce. There are other fruits that look like this but they are all poisonous. A study shows that recently the trees have been bearing less fruit, the Bubledumpians say that their king is angry because of intruders. Their gods medallion grants the ability to jump a second time while in the air.

They built a shrine to their king made completely out of stone bricks. This shrine is inside the underground of the jungle islands. Recently a group of bandits have broken in making them unable to give offerings to their god. They cannot tend to the shrine because of the bandits.

The Snowfall Mountains

As you can tell by this completely creative name. These mountain islands are constantly being plagued by snowstorms and blizzards. This is not a result of an angry king but simply what the weather is there. The Loocoa here have large wings and beaks that allow them to fly between the mountains using the snowy winds. They are skilled in using small feathers like daggers. The mountains are constantly patrolled by guards who have armor that makes their feathers into daggers which they can fire like bullets. They also have steel bird shaped masks which allow them to shoot blasts of icy winds that freeze things. 

As you can tell these birdlike Loocoa, are a warrior species, if anyone wants to live in their cozy settlement nestled in the mountains, they must prove their honor in combat. Their king is just a bigger version of the regular bird Loocoa and they live at the peak of the mountain where the bird Loocoa lives. They are sealed behind a large door that only those who prove their honor can enter. Their king’s medallion grants the user the ability to glide off tall objects. As I said earlier, you can earn your honor by doing battle with a Loocoa commander or guard, but there is a trial you must pass as well. The person who attempts this trial must venture into the mountains and find four torches with blue flames. The mountains will be crawling with warriors and the natural conditions of a blizzard. The bird Loocoas also share the mountains with other more beastly bird Loocoas who are wild and ferocious, they crave flesh too.

The Shafty Badlands

These badland islands are not just badlands, they are also next to a desert but they are commonly grouped together. The Loocoa here are only one type. These Loocoa have claws designed for digging so they have a gold mining operation in the badlands. This gold is paid for by other kingdoms because they all want to flaunt their wealth. There is not much to see here except cacti that smell flesh and elongate to wrap around a Loocoa and stab them, they then drain the Loocoas blood and insides. Their king is constantly busy in the mines digging for gold, they dig so hard that the pieces of gold that fly at him have formed gold armor over the years of them digging. His medallion grants the user the ability to dig through walls of dirt. The mine shafts are a dangerous and complicated labyrinth, the cacti have worked their way underground so they have to be wary of the cacti murdering them.


This area is not dangerous at all. The region is one giant city surrounding a castle where their king lives. Before the islands were separated, we theorize Castle Town’s king used to be the king of the entire planet before it was split up. In the castle there is a door that leads to a bridge to the core of the planet. This door can only be opened if all the medallions are placed in the slots on the door. In the west portion of Castle Town there is the retail district or the market. There are many shops such as a weapons and clothing shop. In the south portion where the skyway station is, there is a tourist district for visitors designed to drain them of their money. In the east portion there is the residential district where most of the housing is with a few shops here in there. In the north portion there is the back of the castle where the nobles meet and also the gateway to the core.

This is a good time to touch on how the islands are rotated compared to the core. When they were blown apart we theorize that they were rotated a lot and some islands aligned a lot like Saturn’s rings. They rotate around horizontally, these islands include the mountains, volcano, and castle town. So the gateway that leads to a bridge that goes to the core is possible because of this. 

This is where the planet’s TV stations are, the main tv station makes a game show hosted by an extremely flamboyant Loocoa host. His name is Fabio and he promised that the billionth person to visit Castle Town will be put on his game show. That’s about all I have to say about Castle Town.

This concludes my research report. The Loocoa have built quite a civilization, each one having their own personality, but there’s still something I am curious about, what is inside the core?


Raleigh Museum of Natural History Field Trip

‘Twas Friday the 27th when our sixth grade took a field trip to the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences to learn. The trip started with a 30 minute bus drive to simply get to the museum itself, for me the trip was mostly uneventful, maybe not for others though. Once we arrived there, my advisory joined the advisory we were paired with and we set off. We first went to an exhibit on the life that lives at beaches. We learned about sand dunes and other ocean things as well. On the next floor we learned about several environments in North Carolina such as the mountains and the Piedmont, we also learned about the animals that made those areas their home.

While I cannot remember the chronological order of most of the things we did, I do remember them. We went to an area that focused on mentors and we learned about a meteor shower that happened in Chicago where a bunch of meteorites hit Chicago.  We also went to a place where people were 3D printing items and that was cool. We went to a really interesting exhibit called RACE Are We So Different. In there we learned about how race was created and how biologically race isn’t real. The exhibit was very insightful to how race affects many things like health and the environment.

After the RACE exhibit we went to an area about insects and arachnids and we got to see real tarantulas and hissing cockroaches which were kinda gross. We also went to other areas with animals like snakes and frogs that were really cute, we went to an area about dinosaurs. That’s about all I remember but the field trip was very fun and I learned a lot about many subjects.

Windows and Mirror books

Image from Sora

A window book is a book that you don’t see yourself in like a fantasy book because that has never happened to you. A mirror book is a book you see yourself in or can relate to. I personally like window books the most because I like fiction. 

I have recently been reading the book The Mist by Stephen King and it’s really good. I started reading this book because my friend recently has been reading Stephen King so I decided to read his books. This book is a horror book and it is pretty scary. It is about a fog of mist that appears and there is a monster that kills people hiding in it so a bunch of people take shelter in a grocery store, but conflict starts to form. It is a really good book.  That is definitely a window book because there is no demon fog trying to kill people.



Unity is a game engine that supports many the coding languages C# and C++ and makes 2D and 3D games. Unity was launched on June 8, 2008. I had been hearing about the engine for a couple years and recently decided to learn to use it. I currently am making a little strategy game involving making buildings to produce resources using a tutorial. I may update you on this but probably not. The language I am using is C# and I also happen to be learning that language too.

Wisdom Tale Project

I made a project around a wisdom tale for school. Wisdom Tales is a book containing ancient stories from around the world. I chose the story Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood. This story is about four personified forces and concepts that go to a mountain. Falsehood tricks everyone into killing each other so he gets more meat. The truth and falsehood fight and then wind appears and resolves the conflict.

For my project, I did a Scratch project, the only coding I had access to on the school iPad. I made a little animation with a very basic fighting code so you could play as Truth and fight Falsehood. The link is at the top.